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XDownloading is a free online video downloader which eases its users to download online videos from different apps/ sites by just copying the URL of that video and pasting it to the Keep offline video downloader.

What is this page about?

The Privacy policy page has been created to lay out the details and structure of information we collect from the user. The page describes how the user data is collected and used on our website. The page aims to create a transparency between the company and the user of the website and lay out a detailed plan on the collected data and information from the subscriber of the website. We recommend the users to read all the points and detail carefully to understand the privacy policy.

  • What information do we collect?
  • How is your information used?
  • What about cookies?
  • What about “Do Not Track”?
  • How do we protect your information?
  • How can you opt out of email communications from us?
  • What about changes to this privacy policy?
  • How can you ask questions or raise concerns?

What information do we collect?

When a user agrees to the terms and condition of the website and decides to make use of our downloader, we collect both personally identifiable information as well as non-personally identifiable information.

Personally identifiable information

All the personal information directly linked to the user like their name, email address and in certain cases their phone number counts under the category of personally identifiable information. Since our website does not require any kind of registration for use, we do not collect these personal information of the user. In future if it does require us to use, then users will be duly informed.

Non-Personally identifiable information

The information which is not directly linked to the user like their IP address, the browser they use, the website link through which they came to our website etc comes under non-identifiable information. These formations are collected to enhance the user experience and make the forum a better place.

How is your information used?

Non-personally identifiable information

The Ip address, the browser, the network a user is on etc. comes under the non-personal identifiable information. These are used by our company to enhance our website to user’s liking. This information helps us to understand a user more thus making their experience on the website unparalleled.

What about cookies?

Cookies play a very important role in functionalities of a website. These are small data packets sent out by the website to the user to enhance the performance depending on their area and network of users. These cookies do not violate any privacy concerns of the user and the user has a final say on whether they want to allow it to make changes to their browser for a better user experience.

What about “Do not track”

The option of “Do Not Track” comes along with the majority of the websites and even browsers. They even ask you beforehand whether you want the browser to track your location or not. This is an option and not mandatory. The websites need this information to make sure that your experience visiting a website is optimized. You can always disable the option when you do not feel like sharing it.

How do we protect your information?

All the information collected on this website is encrypted and saved in our database with limited access to the concerned authority only. The collected information is in no way compromised on any grounds. The user information is neither leaked out, shared or rented to any third-party or website without a user’s consent.

How long do you keep the information?

The user data collected which includes both identifiable personal information and the non-identifiable personal information is kept safe and encrypted in our database.This information is kept only till a user is has completely stopped using the platform and once they decide to unsubscribe or delete the account their respective data is cleared out as well.

What about changes in the privacy policy?

The changes in privacy policy are the bare minimum and only rectified if any such industrial changes or law implementation comes into place. Whatever be the change, a user will be notified at earliest.

How can a user raise a concern?

A user can raise their concern regarding the website via official website account The user can raise their concern or complain by sending an email directly to this address and the concerned authority will look into the matter. The user will be notified of the made complaint within 24 hours.